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Error : TNS-4404: File error caused by: TNS-04605: Invalid syntax error

Yesterday itself I came across this error when I was creating a new database for “Always On Monitoring” for my OEM13c production environment.

The error message was simple enough to understand that there was some syntax problem in my “tnsnames.ora” file which caused this Error message to pop-up before DBCA can start its cloning process.


As mentioned in the error message the database name “ENGTST”, and it says that an unexpected char or LITERAL before or at ENGTST.  So it became easy for me to troubleshoot.  I search for the entry in tnsnames.ora file and found that there was an extra space in the very beginning. After removing that extra space, I re-ran the process and it did not fail again at the same step.

Very small issue yet, I came across it for the first time to thought to share it with everyone.

Other possibility for error “TNS-04404” can also be

  • Running the Network Configuration Assistant (NETCA) on the database server, to modify the Local Service Name settings that are stored within the TNSNAMES.ORA configuration file.

Usually if you receive this error, the particular TNS entry that is problematic will be always indicated in the error message. Example in my scenario the “ENGTST” was the problematic entry.

To solve this error, make the necessary changes in the “tnsnames.ora” file and you should be good to go.