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I have been living in Chandigarh for over 8 years now. I still remember my First Visit to Rock Garden, it was back in 1997 on a school trip when I was in 6th grade. That time I was too young to capture photographs and we did not have camera phone here in India and even if there were some, those were not affordable for the middle class family.

After I moved to Chandigarh in 2010, I had multiple occasions to visit Rock Garden, the most common was to take any of my Family, relatives or friends who were visiting Chandigarh for the first time.

On my recent visit to Rock Garden, Chandigarh with a Friend, we captured some photographs which I thought of posting to my website. Hope you guys would like these photographs and would share to pull more and more tourists to this city. CHANDIGARH-The City Beautiful.

Brief History about ROCK GARDEN – CHANDIGARH

Rock Garden is one of the unique attractions of the city beautiful – Chandigarh. Rock Garden is a sculpture garden completely built of industrial and domestic waste and thrown away items and rocks.

About the Founder – Nek Chand

Nek Chand, the founder of this exquisite attraction started building these sculptures in 1957. He collected waste material and secretly built these sculptures over a period of seven years. Nek Chand assembled the materials, including rocks, broken crockery and colored stones, using concrete and a few primitive tools; he built a miniature world depicting Indian village life, as well as a fantasy kingdom of palaces, pavilions and other structures.

Rock Garden – Here life’s rubbish finds new life and definition.

Waste Electric Holders made of Ceramics increased the beauty of this wall.

A miniature world – collections and creations of Nek Chand.

Bond of cemented roots holding down the trees against the wall.

The GAINT pillars

When Art gives Cement a natural shape, the beauty enhanced itself.

Small earthen pots together redefined the fence…

Guards shelter to keep an eye on visitors..

Artificial Canal which starts from this Giant Waterfall and meet the other waterfall in 1st phase of Rock Garden.

Village women carrying earthen pots over their head, which they basically used to bring water for drinking from wells…

The most Colorful section of the Rock Garden… where all waste ceramics tiles were used to redefine the beauty.




On the way to 3rd Phase of Rock Garden…

This section showcase humans from different section of the world, their activities, their lifestyles and different animals. Major part of this section is designed using broken Bangles.


Dancing Moves…

The Rock Garden has grown to include a waterfall, several plazas, a small theater, gardens, paths and nearly 30,000 pottery-encrusted concrete figures, some embellished with human hair which Nek Chand had collected from barber shops. Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is a place where life’s rubbish finds new life and defination, where a single man’s vision has transformed it into a 40-acre canvas of creativity.

It is a must see place if you are visiting Chandigarh. Nek Chand’s Rock Garden is open 7 days from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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