My Travel Diary

A new Idea…and It’s Beginning…

I thought to fully utilize my website by not just writing technical blog but also by sharing other experience of life. So I thought to create this new page where I’ll be sharing my travel experience to different places. Let me tell you from where did I get this Idea.

I got idea of creating a Travel Page from one of my friend’s posts, well he is a famous name in ORACLE Technology World, and most of you already know him by the name of  “Sandesh Rao” [The RAC Guru]. I had heard of this guy in past but never met him personally, then I met him 2 years back for the first time in our Conference “SANGAM”. We had health talk and dinner and now since last year, we are good friends. Believe me he is a travel n food freak, not only he loves to travel and explore different places but also try all varieties of local food.

Sandesh, I and our one more friend “Navneet Upneja” planned a short trip to North India 2 weeks back. On that short trip, looking at my hunger and desperation towards food, he told me I should be in some Travel Show that comes on NDTVGoodTimes and other channels where the Anchor gets chance to travel different places and tastes different food items and he even gets paid for that. Actually, I really liked that Idea and Here I am with my new page.

I already have stuff to post, I have my own website as well, as I need to do is to draft those in some good blogs and share it with you all.

So my first thanks to Sandesh for pushing me on our recent trip post’s for giving me this Idea.I’ll be posting my first travel post tonight. It will highlight my travel experience, photographs, must see places and food joints etc..

Hope just like you have liked my Technical Blogs, you will all love this new Idea as well equally.

I’ll publish my first on March 5th,2018.

Love to all… “Andee”

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