emctl command failed -“agent_13. Argument list too long”

[Stack Guard Vulnerability in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7]

Yesterday I came across incident where the agent did not start as the “emctl” command got failed with a new error message. This happened after recent Infrastructure Maintenance Activity where OS patching was scheduled by our Infrastructure team on all servers. The host on which this issue occur had OS Version RHEL 7 “Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.3 (Maipo)”.

So all emctl commands whether it was “emctl start agent”, “agent stop agent” even “emctl help” failed. The error returned was “agent_13. Argument list too long”. Check the screenshot below explains the entire scenario.

ERROR Message:- “agent_13. Argument list too long

Cause:- Why are applications failing to start with error message “Argument list too long” after applying the fix for Stack Guard Vulnerability in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 ?



Solution:-  Change the commonenv file found in agent_13. to hash out this line

After making this change the issue got fixed and emctl command was running successfully without any issue.



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