Hi All,

In this blog of mine I have discussed the remedy for HIGH CPU utilization of Oracle 12cR2 agent. I faced this Issue on most of my Linux servers, where all of a sudden the Oracle Agent used to start utilizing CPU at very high rate.

Again list most of the old Issue this one as well was reported as BUG with MOS.  So If you have Oracle Agent 12cR2 on your Linux machine and you are experiencing Agent High CPU utilization you can get it resolved by applying the patch 13583799.

Listed below are the steps you have to perform in order to apply the patch.


{apply patch 13583799 on 12cR2 Agent on Linux}

S.N Status Task
1 Done export ORACLE_HOME=/app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/
2 Done  cd OPatch

./opatch lsinv -details |grep -i jdbc

make sure client Oracle JDBC/OCI Instant Client  is                         

3 Done using patch 13583799’s  version  check perl -v > 5.5
4 Done  ./emctl stop agent
5 Done make sure no process run under agent 12c

ps -ef |grep TMMain

ps -ef |grep emagent |grep -v grep

6 Done cd /install_media/ORACLE/OEM/OEM12C/patch/13583799

(for 13583799,cd /install_media/ORACLE/OEM/OEM12C/patch/13583799)

7 Done  opatch apply
8 Done check any error in opatch log  /app/oracle/product/agent12c/core/
9 Done start agent and check status

This will bring down your un-necessary Agent’s CPU utilization.