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Avoid Failure while creating blackouts in OEM

Hi Everyone,

In this video I have explained how we can avoid a common error which one can easily get while creating blackout in OEM12c.  I got complaint from my team members that when ever they create blackout for some maintenance activity it is getting failed every time.

I tried to find out the reason for the same and asked my team mate show me how he is creating blackout. I created using the same method which he did and the strange thing was that I did not get that error.

I took some time to analyze the root cause and found that there was something un common in the drop down menu to select targets. The whole thing is explained in this video.

Link to Video


Thanks & Regards

Deepak Sharma

Create Service Request for E-Business Suite on MOS through Oracle Configuration Manager

Hi All,

In this post I have shared a link to my video. In this video I have explained, how efficiently we can open a case with MOS if we have Oracle Configuration Manager Configured on our system.

Well this video is specifically used for E-Business Suite. By using this strategy it become much easier for end users to not only open case but provide required information in prior to Oracle Support.

Oracle Configuration Manager can not only be used for EBS but for other applications like PeopleSoft, OEM, Business Intelligence and many more. I’ll be soon uploading video for PeopleSoft and OEM.

Link for Video


Thanks & Regards

Deepak Sharma